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GFR has brought together the highest quality European brands. Products that have been tried and tested in Australia for decades are now available for the first time as a complete range of products for the Transport Industry. Great products , reliable solutions at competitive prices.

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Bezares Power Take-offs
Bezares is a world leader in the manufacture of Power Take-off and Transport Hydraulic equipment .
Tipping Valves
Diverter & Flow Controls
Heavy Duty PTOs
Heavy Duty Gear Pumps
Hydro Leduc TXV Variable Displaceme
Hydro Leduc world leader in Variable flow Pumps for Transport applications
HydroLeduc XPI Bent Axis Pumps
Hydro Leduc XPI Bent Axis Pumps are the Leading product in the market with displacements from 10cc to 180cc ISO and SAE standard flanges .
Hydro Leduc MA Series Motor
Hydro Leduc Bent Axis Motors come in SAE flange and ISO with displacements from 5cc to 180cc high speed high pressure .
OMSI Split Shafts
OMSI is the world leader in Split Shaft technology .
Packsmart VMC Compressors
Danfoss Proportional PVG Valve
Danfoss PVG32 Proportional Valve
Water Pumps
Cab Controls
Aluminium Tanks
Coolers & Modules
12 and 24 volt Power Packs
Bezares 12 and 24 volt power packs . Double acting and Single acting .
Under Body and Front Mount Rams
Under Body and Front Mount Tipping Cylinders of all sizes available . Mega Ram , Binotto , GFR
Radio Remotes
Hose Kits & Couplings
Body Hardware Kits
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GFR provides a complete hydraulic solution for PTO driven equipment to the Transport Industry.

Applications include tippers, cranes, hooklifts, skips, walking floors, water tankers, gas/fuel tankers, vacuum tankers , dry product blowers, hydrostatic drive systems and more!


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