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Bezares 120X Series PTO for the new DT12-DA/14.93-1.0 and DT12-OA/14.96- 1.0. Detroit Mercedes Daiml

Bezares 120X Series PTO From: Eaton | Vehicle Service Pros

StartFragmentThe Eaton Bezares 120X Series PTO for Detroit automated transmissions are designed to improve mounting clearance and ease of installation. The heavy duty, two-gear 120X Series PTO is built from an aluminum housing, coupling heavy duty strength with a lightweight design, and fits models DT12-DA/14.93-1.0 and DT12-OA/14.96-1.0. Featuring internal ratios from 1:1 to 1:1.8, the 120X PTO Series integrates with the auxiliary systems of the DT12 transmission and offers four different output options. A lube pump flange is included with the PTO, simplifying ordering and installation. Contact GFR Industries .EndFragment

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