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GFR Industries To Distribute Bezares

GFR is proud to announce its appointment by Bezares Spain for its complete range of quality power take off and hydraulic components for Australia and New Zealand.

Bezares has been available in Australia for decades, offered by Parker initially and also sold as a private brand by many major importers of Transport Hydraulics. However this is the first time that this quality, family based manufacturer, will have its full range of products represented in Australia.

The Bezares range of products includes Power Take Offs, Gear & Piston Pumps, Valves, Cab Controls, Tipping Cylinders, Power-packs and Oil Tanks.

Check out the video to see how Bezares, with over 40 years experience, produces its products using state of the art design and manufacturing processes.

Look out Australia, Bezares is here and its going to change the market with GFR behind the brand lending our own depth of engineering, experience ,sales and service.

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