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GFR Sponsors VTS Open Day

GFR Industries Australia was asked to participate in the recent Vacuum Truck Supplies(VTS) Open Day as a major supplier and partner.

Rod & Sandra Glue have been great Industry advocates and have run the Open Day for 14 years inviting suppliers, customers, fleets and really anyone interested to get together and discuss the Waste Industry and meet with like-minded people.

The speaking topic this year was "Delivering Exceptional Customer Service" with many speakers relating their own business stories of establishing customer service standards as well as the challenges of maintaining exceptional service through growth and within a changing Industry.

It was 2 days well spent and GFR remains thankful to be afforded the opportunity to participate in this forum, which we look forward to attending again 2 years from now.

For those interested to learn more about the Waste Industry and Vacuum Tankers in particular you can stop by the VTS website and have a look at their exceptional Video Gallery.

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