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GFR Shows Off Product Depth At Brisbane Truck Show

GFR Industries exhibition of products at the Brisbane Truck Show held at the Brisbane Exhibition Centre was very well received by businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The focus of GFR was to demonstrate our product range depth and also our growing National network. Both of these focal points were well received by many business owners who saw the product installations and caught up with the team over the course of the four days.

Of particular interest to most was GFR's ability to provide innovative solutions that were truly end to end in nature. As an example our vacuum truck systems go well beyond component supply, as we design and manufacture market specific cooling and system control options. Coupled with our expertise in Truck ECU Integration the benefits to both body builder, truck house and end user was clear to those we spoke with.

Coupled with this our National network of workshops also generated a high level of enquiry due to the industries current reliance on sub contractors to provide fitment services, where GFR is offering Company owned and operated in house and on road fitment options.

The reception that GFR has received at the Brisbane Truck Show has encouraged us to bring forward plans for new service offerings in the coming months, to help keep up with the demand.

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