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Doubling Down With High Pressure

John Bennet's Volvo Getting To Work

GFR Industries gets asked a lot to have a look at the most demanding applications and to provide solutions that will not only work, but will work hard and long and reliably.

As was the case when John Bennet approached GFR to design a system to run his fast ejecting Dual Walking Floor set up. The application required fast operation under high pressures with both trailers to eject the load at the same time.

Considering the application and prime mover, GFR opted to fit a dual outlet high pressure bent axis piston pump and 100Kgm through drive Bezares PTO; providing high flow and pressure to both trailers so that performance was not compromised.

Catching up with John two months after commissioning the vehicle was operating perfectly and as expected, so well in fact that GFR has been asked to set up the next Prime Mover with the same equipment.

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