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Hydro Leduc Launches Variable Motor At Hannover IAA

The NEW LEDUC MV Series Variable Motor are now available in displacements from 5cc to 180cc, ISO and SAE flange versions, semi-integrated « plug-in » models, and with a range of valve options and speed sensors.

The 9-piston design to ensure high starting torque and regularity even at low speed, with a working ratio of 5:1, and suitable for working pressures up to 400 bar continuous and 450 bar peak, the MV motors are destined for medium and heavy duty applications in construction equipment and agricultural machinery.

The first models launched are in displacements of 85cc and 115cc, in both SAE flange and semi-integrated « plug-in » configurations. Three control options exist:

  • HPA Automatic displacement control, high pressure;

  • H2N two speed hydraulic adjustment of displacement;

  • E2N two speed electric adjustment of displacement.

Call GFR today to discuss your requirements.

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