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Quality You Can Compare - GFR & Bezares

Mat & Geoff from GFR have had over 30 years experience importing Transport Hydraulic components into Australia to service the transport industry. When Bezares initiated discussions with GFR there was an immediate interest to bring this superior product range to Australia.

When looking at Bezares & comparing other brands such as PZB , Hydrocar and OMFB it is easy to see how Bezares is bringing a new level of product durability to the market, meaning longer service life and greater value for the customer.

Check out the video which demonstrates the modern manufacturing processes used & also highlights the key differences in PTO design.Mainly the exclusive use of ISO 4 Bolt outputs - 1 1/4" shafts & larger shaft bearings in all models giving greater shaft & bearing life, & in many instances higher overall power delivery.

Call us to discuss how Bezares can increase reliability for your hydraulic system today.

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