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AMI Partners With GFR Industries. AMI Oleodinamica

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

GFR Industries is very happy to announce a partnership agreement with quality Italian valve manufacturer AMI Hydraulic control Valves.

AMI Hydraulic control Valves has been sold into the Australian transport market for over 25 years with great success; developed carefully to meet the harsh environments of Australia and fine tuned to the demands of truck mounting and operation.

Improvements in sealing, micro switch integration and relief design over the years have led to AMI Oleodinamica being regarded as one of the most reliable valves in the Transport Industry.

Stock is already on our shelves covering diverse applications including tipping systems, ramp systems (with float & micro-switch integration) , gas & fuel systems (including reel speed & torque control) , vacuum systems and more.

The response from the market has been immediate and very positive from many customers Australia wide, and GFR Industries has plans to expand the offering as many new innovations have been made by AMI Oleodinamica have not yet been introduced to the Australian market, stayed tuned.......

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