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New Module Reflects The Changing Face Of Transport Safety.

GFR Industries has released its new Air/Electric modular control system. The base unit is now available and truly reflects the new and increasing focus within the Industry to valuing high quality products that meet, and in this case exceed, design and engineering standards set our in the Australian Standards and met the upcoming changes made in The National Code of Practice : Heavy Vehicle Modifications ( VSB6).

The modules are manufactured in Australia from quality European components, they are available in 4 station and 8 station variants with voltage of 12 or 24 VDC. Each solenoid has been tested and performs with no air loss at 10 Bar, exceeding any production valve on the market and meeting the increasing air pressure requirements of many modern trucks.

With regards to safety standards each module is IP 64 rated with easily accessible and clearly labelled manual overrides for each function. The module also maintains clear labeling of all functions as well as full product information and relevant warnings as required under VSB6.

Available now, the module can be used for all types of truck control systems.

GFR will soon release a new generation of in cabin controls that will greatly improve installation times that will offer plug and play to the module for tipping control systems.

Call today and order your first module, we guarantee that you and your customers will appreciate the quality and enjoy the benefits of this industry leading new product.


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