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GFR Industries Race Team 2021 Trans am Series Lakeside Raceway .

The New season has started for the Team with Trans am racing Australia with the No 5 Camaro taking Pole in Qualifying. Driver Geoff Fane setting a new track record in the process.

The first race was a runaway with an easy win for the GFR Industries Camaro with no one be able to hold the pace of the car around the tricky Lakeside Park raceway .

Unfortunately the meeting was pulled up for the No 5- 72 Camaro after a questionable ruling from the Scrutineers ruled the car to be ineligible to compete on a component that had been in the car for the last four years now being not to the rules ? Early pack up and home would bound wondering how something can can change half way through a meeting . Driver Geoff Fane was pleased with the cars pace if not somewhat confused about the ruling .


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